HR Infrastructure

hr-consultingKnowing when and how to develop your company’s HR muscles can be a daunting task. That’s why we provide technical and professional expertise to collaborate with you in determining responses to the sample questions below, along with the who, what when, where and how in our HR Setup for Success process. This process is the foundation in the development of the HR function within your organization.

  • Does my company need human resources assistance?
  • How many employees should I have before getting HR assistance?
  • What policies, practices and training should I have in place?
  • How do we determine what to pay our employees and where do I find employees?
  • Is strategic planning part of human resources?

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Starting Out and Building

You’ve started your business or non-profit and are in the building phase.  There may have been some hires of friends of friends and family members to keep up with the organization demands.  You are paying some of them as contractors and some are on payroll.

Because you are small, there has been no need for human resources at this stage other than ensuring that the employees or contractors are being compensated.  You are unaware of what you don’t know regarding HR regulations.  Your growth challenge is a good problem to have.  You just need to be sure the human capital needs necessary for growth and the compliance requirements for your organization’s size and industry are in place.

Rapidly Growing

You’re excited about the recent surge in business that is catapulting your organization to that next level.   You’re rapidly growing and you already have some HR strategies in place.  However, to meet the demand of your customers and going forward, it will require development of the necessary HR foundation for a rapidly growing organization.

This includes establishing processes and procedures that make it easy for your business to maintain compliance with employment regulations and to create a solid foundation from which to grow. You need guidance on sourcing and recruiting potential employees and, once you find them, a documented onboarding process.  What will the compensation process be?  How will you evaluate their performance and equip them with the coaching, discipline and tools to help them move forward?

Established and Maintaining

You’ve been in business for a while.  Your organization is an established industry leader and has a large percentage of the market share.  Recognizing that your human capital is your greatest asset and developing the necessary HR strategies and processes has allowed you to maintain your place in the industry.

Compliance is not the focal point; however, it still remains important to minimize or eliminate risks associated with your human capital.   Although you have the infrastructure that has brought you to your current success, you realize that next level of business growth requires different human capital development strategies.  Your vision of the next level of organizational development and being an employer of choice to work for is the direction you’re heading in, but you need some assistance to make it happen.

What you need most right now is:

  • An expert to evaluate your HR needs based on current employee status and going forward. One that will give you relevant and realistic guidelines that make sense for your organization.
  • Peace of mind. You’ve heard about the challenges regarding human resource regulations and compliance situations that have occurred with other businesses and you want to make sure you’re in compliance with the employment regulations that apply to your business.
  • Access to a senior level HR expert who can act as a trusted confidant when an HR need arises or as a sounding board for guidance on employee issues.
  • An evaluation of the current HR processes and procedures that are currently in place. Many business owners are surprised by what is already in place when they are busy operating in the “wearing all the hats” mode of running their organization.
  • A step-by-step process to guide you, your leadership and associates to the next level of HR strategies, processes and human capital development.