Affirmative Action Planning


Whether this is your first AAP and you’re at the beginning of this process or a seasoned government contractor required to comply with the regulations that enforce affirmative action planning, we can help.  Maybe you’re unsure if compliance is necessary for your organization and, if it is required, where to begin.

Preparing for an OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) Audit and not sure what to do? Here’s how we can help.

business-world-472556_640Affirmative Action Plan Document Development

  • Customized written policy narrative for minorities and women as well as written narrative for individuals with disabilities and veterans
  • Comprehensive statistical analysis for minorities and women and veterans and individuals with disabilities customized to each client’s specific recruiting assumptions
  • Monitor adverse impact analysis for all employment transactions and progress towards goals
  • Comparative salary report
  • Review the hiring, selection and applicant tracking process
  • Provide assistance with good faith efforts, recordkeeping and techniques to limit the areas of liability exposure
  • Executive summary report

OFCCP Audit Response Assistance

Your organization has just received a letter from the OFCCP a division of the Department of Labor stating that your company has been selected for a response to an OFCCP request for compliance review and an Affirmative Action plan with supporting documents. Submission to the OFCCP of your Affirmative Action plan with supporting documents are required within the next 30 days.

For over 20 years we’ve been providing assistance to companies and HR professionals to successfully pass OFCCP audits, comply with Federal EEO and affirmative action program statutes, and train the management team in their role to ensure ongoing compliance.

Our Audit Support Includes:

  • Managing the review process
  • Comprehensive pre-audit review preparation designed to determine and limit liability exposure
  • Investigation and written explanations accompanied by solutions in areas subject to adverse impact
  • Thoroughly preparing the company HR professionals and management team on interacting with the OFCCP investigator
  • Review, repair and submit desk audit requirements
  • Serve as company representative to clarify the OFCCP request and ensure the request is within the guidelines, regulations and jurisdiction of the OFCCP
  • In the event of an on-site review, we request an on-site letter listing the specific items that will be evaluated; we orchestrate the preparation of those items and additional documents typically requested during on-site evaluations.

Negotiating any Agreements with OFCCP

Our objective is the receipt of a “No Apparent Violations” letter for your organization. Each phase during a compliance evaluation is a negotiation process. We at The HR Girl! have been assisting companies with the negotiation of this process for over 20 years.