Understand Your Organizations Values


Workplace values are the guiding principles in which any organization large and small operates. These values are inherent in the way organizations and their workforce view themselves, define opportunities and plan strategies.  The goal is for them to become shared … Continue reading


Ask the HR Girl: Pay More Money or Accept Resignation?

Dear HR Girl,

I own a business and recently a valuable employee that does good work gave me a letter of resignation.  I then offered the employee additional compensation to stay. My HR Professional disagreed with my decision to match the employees offer from the other company. I am curious, do you think I should have paid them additional compensation to stay.

Office Politics: The Survival Guide

office politics

Office Politics, defined in Wikipedia as “The use of power and social networking within an organization to achieve changes that benefit the organization or individuals within it.”   Sometimes referred to as the root of all evil in the workplace.  No matter … Continue reading