Program Options

Human Resource Process1. FAST TRACK– Your business or non-profit is rapidly growing and you may or may not have a dedicated HR professional on the payroll. You’re excited about this fast growth; however, your current HR infrastructure systems and processes are inhibiting your ability to keep up with the growth.  You need systems put into place and operational in 4 months or less.

2. GROWTH –This program is designed for organizations that are growing. You’ve had success with ensuring the basic HR functions are taken care of; however, you understand that HR functions change and grow as the organization grows. Taking your organization to the next level will require additional skill sets in addition to what is currently being utilized.  If you find yourself challenged by dealing with employee concerns and changing regulations, the time has come to enlist assistance and hire an HR professional.

3. MIA(Moving Ideas into Action)– This approach is most typically utilized for leadership business development and planning when an organization, regardless of its size, finds itself stuck.  In most instances these organizations don’t know what, if any, problem exists but recognize that the culture and atmosphere are stagnant and there is a pressing need for solutions.