FLSA Compliance Assessment

flsa-compliance-assessment-hr-girlAssessing an organizations compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) reduces the likelihood that it will face such increasingly popular FLSA allegations, because concerns that surface in an assessment can be resolved before they spiral into government audits or lawsuits.

Understanding that all businesses have its own uniqueness, the goal of the assessment is to reduce the organizations liability exposure and provide a thoughtful analytical framework for the business leadership to make critical decisions regarding the classification and compensation of its workforce.

At the conclusion of the assessment you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the proper classifications for the positions within your organization.
  • Receive an evaluation of how duties and responsibilities are determined.
  • Know which members of your workforce should be a contractor versus employee.
  • Know if there are any internal equity concerns within your compensation practices.
  • Receive a results report from the analysis that includes recommendations and step by step instructions on how to resolve the areas of concerns that surface.
  • Have a communication plan for members of the workforce that are impacted by any changes the leadership decides to make based on assessment results.

Upon registering you receive:

  • A phone call to schedule your assessment
  • An email confirmation and questionnaire to complete


  • Organizations with a total workforce (total number of employees and contractors) greater than 40 please contact us for pricing.
  • Employers with a workforce total less than 21 the assessment fee is $895
  • Employers with a workforce total from 21 to 30 the assessment fee is $1195
  • Employers with a workforce total from 31 to 40 the assessment fee is $1495