Human Resources in 2018: What to Expect


With Thanksgiving next week, we are fast-approaching the official holiday season. This means business will begin to slow down and everyone will be gearing up for the new year. Here at The HR Girl, we are slowing down as well … Continue reading

The Growing Shortage: Skilled Trade Positions

In the United States, college has become less of a choice and more of a mandatory step in furthering your education after completing high school. While the idea of transferring from a 2-year community college to a major 4-year University … Continue reading

5 Interview Mistakes That Are Made By Seasoned Managers Who Are Rookie Interviewers


You might have started to hear the phrase “war on talent” more frequently in the world of Human Resources and particularly when it comes to recruiting and sourcing. Over the last decade we have watched unemployment skyrocket and then slowly … Continue reading