Human Resources 10 Years Later: Is Your HR Team Still in the Dark Ages?

human resources

If you spend any time researching online about Human Resources chances are you’ll run into a handful of articles describing why they believe the era of Human Resources (“HR”) is dead. They go into detail about the inefficiency of HR … Continue reading

Summer Hours in the Workplace

Summer Hours

It is officially summer.  In the workplace it is the beginning of relaxed outfits, a surge in PTO days and conversations about vacation spots  that fill the office chatter. You can choose to fight the ‘vibe’ that summer brings into … Continue reading


Ask the HR Girl: When Managers Turn Small Issues Into Big Problems

Dear HR Girl,

How do I get my managers to manage their employees? The good news we are a growing company. However, my managers cannot seem to have the difficult conversations they need to with direct reports regarding their work performance.

They have been through training. I have talked to them. Because, they won’t have the conversations when it is a small issue, it turns into something big, for me. Sorry for the long story and I am in HR. Any ideas on what I can do?