Bringing Common Courtesy Back Into the Workplace

We live in a world where it’s become the norm to live in a low touch but high technology driven work environment. The rapid increase of remote workers and freelancers has created a workplace that revolves around conference or video … Continue reading


Ask the HR Girl: Interviewer Asking Questions to the Interviewee

Dear HR Girl,

I am not in HR, but I am looking for employment. I have been given mixed advice on asking the interviewer questions and making one of those questions related to how I did in the interview. What are your thoughts on asking an interviewer questions?

Human Resources 10 Years Later: Is Your HR Team Still in the Dark Ages?

human resources

If you spend any time researching online about Human Resources chances are you’ll run into a handful of articles describing why they believe the era of Human Resources (“HR”) is dead. They go into detail about the inefficiency of HR … Continue reading