Human Resources in 2018: What to Expect

2018With Thanksgiving next week, we are fast-approaching the official holiday season. This means business will begin to slow down and everyone will be gearing up for the new year. Here at The HR Girl, we are slowing down as well and taking a break for the Holidays. But don’t worry, we will be back! We are taking the time off to focus our energy on developing new and original content that will provide more value to our audience in the new year.

Before we sign off for the year we want to leave you with a list of HR trends to be on the lookout for in 2018. From technology shaking up the world of HR and mixing up the way we approach hiring and employee retention.  A year of big change for the world of Human Resources is on the way for 2018.

Remote Employees: Gone are the days of traditional teams. This year we watched the idea of a remote workforce transition from being a new idea to being the new norm. More companies are offering all of their employees the option to work remotely once a day each week with even some allowing for employees to make their own choice on the number of days they work from home each week. We expect to see this continue to increase and even expect an expansion in the number of employees that work completely remote in the upcoming year.

HR & Technology Marriage: Just as technology has changed the way we work with each other on a team, technology has creeped into how we manage all of the different aspects in Human Resources. Plan to see a marriage between technology and HR in the coming year, where the industry embraces the constant change and increase in efficiency that technology can provide.

Changing Regulations: In 2017 we have watched the new administration change and some HR policies shift. As we head into 2018 remember employment laws still exist.

Gamification and HR: Gamification has become a trend that we expect to hit the HR industry next year. As HR professionals are constantly trying to find ways to be ahead of the curve with hiring and keeping employees engaged, gamification provides the opportunity to incorporate a competitive game to accomplish these goals. Of course technology has helped to make this possible, by using apps and other online tools to create these games. Going into the new year don’t be afraid to venture into incorporating gamification into your HR plan!

GIG Economy Expansion: To no surprise, as we predicted, freelancers and contractors would be one of the best trends facing the HR industry in 2017.  We have watched it boom and will watch it continue to expand in 2018. If you haven’t already jumped on board and begin to hire contractors for your business, it’s now become easier than ever to find the best talent you need.  Whether you decide to finally take the leap or are already on board, expanding your workforce by tapping into the talent pool of freelancers and contractors will allow your organization to reap huge benefits in 2018.

While we are sad to sign off, we are also excited to step back and evaluate in order to create content that will help us to help you in this ever changing world of Human Resources. Of course you can always reach out via the contact page and we encourage you to continue submitting questions for our Ask the HR Girl video blog series!  If you have any questions regarding today’s post about HR trends to lookout for in the coming year you can contact us here at The HR Girl!


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