Planning for Growth? Don’t Forget About Human Resources

Human Resources tends to get a bad rep for being unnecessary when your company has 50 or less employees, with all the options for software at our fingertips it’s easy to ask “what’s the point” if you can have a computer take care of all the necessary tasks. However, no matter how much technology we have nothing will be able to replace the knowledge and expertise that a HR professional can bring to the table. The secret behind the successful growth of a company is investing and implementing a strategy for your business that coincides with your plan for Human Capital.  If you are one of those individuals who is skeptical about the necessity of needing to hire a HR professional, let alone establish a growth plan that includes Human Resources, here are 4 reasons you should incorporate HR in your strategy for growth.

Hiring: At an extreme minimum, there is no way you’ll be able to recruit and obtain the best talent within your industry by relying solely on technology. A seasoned HR professional knows the process and the skills needed to find the best talent needed for your business. It’s a golden rule that the success of your company comes from the success of your employees.

Setting up Policies/Employee Handbooks: More than anything else, HR professionals are necessary when it concerns creating policies and employee handbooks for your company. As your business begins to grow it is imperative that you take the time to discuss and implement the policies that will protect your business as well as your greatest assets, employees.

Employment Law/Compliance: Just as important as it is to establish company policies and create an employee handbook, being up to date and compliant with employment laws is critical to reduce liability exposure. Especially in today’s world where laws are changing frequently, you do not want to place your business in jeopardy for neglecting to pay attention to HR compliance concerns. While it is possible to outsource a professional to handle this initially, as you begin to expand your business it is important to factor into your growth strategy the need for an HR team of expert professionals.

Happier Employees: Once you have gone through the trouble of hiring top talent, then it’s time to utilize those strategies you will put into place to retain them.  High turnover and low retention reflects on your company and creates a work environment that is less efficient and not as productive.  A great example is the ridesharing company Uber.  Neglecting to establish a solid HR foundation as an organization grows can have repercussions. If they had invested early on and made it a priority to hire knowledgeable HR professionals they could have limited the headlines. Happy employees are productive employees that enjoy their organization and feel safe and protected by their employer.

Taking the time to invest and include HR as a part of your growth strategy is good business.  Have any questions regarding Human Resources and your company growth? Contact us here at The HR Girl!

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