Is it Possible to Promote Career Growth in a Small Business or Nonprofit?

promote growth The discussion of career paths are typically associated with larger organizations who have a structured hierarchy and multiple options to promote career growth in their company. Is it possible for small businesses and nonprofits to achieve the same thing? Well, yes and no.

Although the small organization may not have the continued upward mobility within their own structure it definitely can prepare its workforce for moving up in an organization.  In a small business or nonprofit the structure allows a variety of exposure to different tasks, duties and responsibilities. This creates multiple transferrable skills for the willing worker.  Creating a career path in your small business is not only beneficial for the growth and success of your company but it also helps to retain top talent and create a productive team. Here are some steps you can take to help with creating a pathway for your employees:

  1. Start by giving more responsibilities and allowing input from your employees. Employees have a tendency to put more effort when they have “skin in the game”. As you place more responsibility and stand back, it’ll immediately become clear the productivity and who are your potential rising stars.
  2. As your organization experiences expansion and growth. Create an organization chart of the positions in your company then add lead roles. Fill these managerial positions with the top talent you have now identified in your workforce.
  3. As you are restructuring the company there will be things that cannot be shared with the entire workforce. However, transparency with all levels of that which can be shared is a critical component. Keeping all of your employees informed and out of the dark continues to foster the team environment.  Transparency also demonstrates trust and assist in eliminating fears.
  4. It is important to set in place specific job descriptions and invest in training. By taking the time and money to properly structure your company at the beginning you will save yourself from some challenges and confusion down the line.
  5. When possible, try to hire from within before seeking individuals from outside your company. This will show your current employees that they have a very high chance of moving up since you are willing to give your current team a chance to advance before looking for talent outside the company.
  6. Emphasize the importance of your employees and how large of a role they play in the success of your company. If your employees feel valued they will want to stay and advance their career within your company as far as they can until it becomes time to seek opportunities elsewhere.

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